In pursing an internship, I hope to be able to utilize both the public relations side and the marketing aspects that have been instilled in me through Anderson University. I hope to pursue an internship for the Procter and Gamble corporation, at their headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Through my previous job experiences, I have learned how best to combine the role of an independent worker, in addition to the interpersonal skills I have gained with being an integrated member of a team. Through both my work and volunteer efforts I am further developing myself as a leader. At this stage in my life, I am pursuing an internship, in hopes that upon graduation, I am able to be a well-rounded person that is an asset to my employer. In my efforts to continue to improve myself, I hope to continue to diligently  pursue my education in order to be able to apply things learned in a classroom to the on the job training that internships allow. I hope to improve my proficiency of the French language, so that I might be fluent, and thus be a benefit to the international corporation. Through these efforts I hope to earn an internship at Proctor and Gamble, with the hope of becoming a benefit to the corporation.