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Video Tutorial - How to Create an Online Resume and Portfolio Website
Top FAQs
  1. What is OPResume?
    OPResume is the easiest way to display and manage your portfolio online. We originally built it because we needed something with which to organize our own work. It turned out so well that we decided to share it with you.

    OPResume provides a variety of simple tools, so you can manage your online portfolio and change its look very easily any time you want. The core idea behind our design is to keep your images and videos at the forefront, so they're always the focus.

    For some ideas of what OPResume can do for you, browse through our Examples. For an even better grasp, try it yourself. Show off your work.
  2. Why do I need a career website?
    A career personal website can act as your online CV. Most employers do a simple Google search on any potential employee, even before they interview them. It also gives them an insight into you that is more extensive than your basic written CV.

    Having your own career website also counteracts any negative publicity that may feature around your name online. This site allows the 'real you' to be exposed and gives you a platform to give your own side of the issue.

    When you create a career website, it can also act as a marketing tool. People looking for you or your services are most likely going to search for them online, allowing you to expose yourself to a much larger market.

    With your own career website you can connect with like-minded individuals and become part of a network that could be exceptionally useful in business.

    Users and clients are more willing to trust companies or individuals whom they know a little about. Creating a career website allows you to become more real to your potential clients, ensuring a level of trust that is beneficial to both parties.

    A career website builder such as OPResume also allows you to upload files and images to your personal website. This means you could add your own articles to the site or copies of published works, setting yourself up as a leading expert in your field.
  3. What do I get by upgrading to premium?

    Premium plan is packed full of features.

    • Connect to your own domain
    • 1 GB storage for your project files and images
    • Remove ads
    • Google Adsense control
    • Premium Support
  4. What information can I have on my career website?
    You can create About, Resume, Projects and Contact pages currently. We plan to add Blog page in future.

    In About page, you may add your skills, areas of expertise, about you, profile image and contact information.

    In Resume page, we provide easy resume builder so you can simply fill out the forms and your resume is created behind the scenes. This resume can be downloaded as pdf or word document in various styles.

    In Project page, you may add project summary, video clips, images, photo gallery or all manner of files such as pdf, doc, zip, etc. You may add as many projects you want.

    In Contact page, you may add your contact information, mail form and social network icons.

    Any of these pages can be hidden if you do not want to show.