Loryann Hoofnagle


830 Harmony Street Simi Valley, CA 94588




Photoshop, Image Ready, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Action Script, HTML/CSS, MS Office, Mac and PC environment


Conceptual and usability oriented thinking, SEO experienced, eye for details, typography, white space and image quality.

I am v2 ...

a Dipl. Multimdia Designer (Bachelor) with 10 years of experience in web design with a range of clients including small private companies, medium sized e-commerce shops, and large online magazines. My main focus is on design, usability and SEO optimization.

While my career focus has been on interactive design, I have experience and I am quite happy to work in a variety of media, both interactive and print. Ideally, I see myself as a member of team, inspiring each other and working together like the cogs of Swiss watch.

I am looking for...
a senior web design role that ll challenge me and allow me to be the best i can while i help the people around me being their best. This could be a freelance, contract or a perm role somewhere in London in a friendly team.

Now a bit more casual.

I love my profession. I love being a designer, talking about design, doing designy things, going to nerdy events and buying magazines just because I like the style but I never read it.

I don’t do code because i m rubbish in it. I could do it if I just would be patient enough to look for this bloody semicolon which kills the code and look for solutions how to make the design work in IE 6. I rather create cute icons or sketch my ideas of a cool new navigation/button/picture gallery in my sticker covered old-fashioned paper note book.

I m passionate about what I’m doing and I’ m German. So you get a package of efficient creativity... What more can you possibly want as an employer?!