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Let your online resume and portfolio speak for you


Career management is a burning issue today. Our forefathers worked for the same organization throughout their life but times have changed since. Today we don’t look to spend more than 5-10 years in a single organization. Such is the situation today that it is almost inevitable that you need to change your job to get a career and pay hike. And to be able to do this you need the most professional resume and portfolio to show to your prospective employers. And who can help you best with this? One of the professional career management services.


The most professional career management services today are all about harnessing the power of the online world. These people don’t find jobs for you. They go a step beyond and give you the power to showcase your experience and skills to a large audience. The audience here is, of course, prospective employers. These career management services help you create web resume and launch your resume and portfolio for the entire world to see.


The appearance of your resume and portfolio are very important when it comes to getting the attention of your prospective employer. For every job opening there are hundreds of applications. Most of these applications find their place in the trash bin and those that can create that great first impression are the ones that get the interview call. When you deal with professional career management services, they help you with their online resume builder and online portfolio builder so that you are able to attract the attention of your prospective employers for all the right reasons.


You may still be using MS-Word to create your resume and portfolio. But it is time to move beyond that. What you should be looking at is your career website. Professional career management services offer you a range of tools and templates to create your online resume and portfolio. You don’t need to know any programming language. It is simple dragging and dropping or uploading your PDF or Word resume that you need to do. You can choose a template and use designs to make your resume more attractive than is ever possible with PDF or Word. You can use the various sections of your website to disseminate appropriate information.


-      In the about page you can include personal information, skills and your image.

-      The resume page will contain your detailed resume and portfolio.

-      Your project page will have details of all the projects you have worked on.

-      The contact page can be used to publish your contact information.


Once your online resume and portfolio is complete, these career management services categorize it as per your expertise and experience. They then help you get noticed online so that your prospective employers can find you easily. In fact, once your online career website is complete you can use a range of free tools to make it visible.


Get started with your online resume and portfolio using the expertise of one of the professional career management services. Your career will go places very soon.

Your online resume and portfolio speak volumes about your skills and experience. Connect with efficient career management services to mark your online footprint.