Skills: Slide preparation, aseptic technique, and enumeration of microorganisms

Expertise: Literature review, experimental design, and data analysis


My current objective is to obtain a position which will make full use of my skills and help me grow professionally. I am a highly motivated individual who is willing to learn and gain experience in microbiological bench work, laboratory science as well as artistic venues. I would be a great fit for any position allowing me to dedicate myself, my talents, and creative abilities and am certain I can contribute to your company’s success.

Also, I am confident that I can do an excellent job in the laboratory or studio while being great communicator and an enthusiastic person who is willing to work hard for your company. I am eager to speak with you about possible employment opportunities and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this.

My most recent work experience is as a microbiologist at a company that is a leading innovator of biotechnology products in Michigan. The aim of this company is to scale-up and de-risk methods involving sustainability and our lab's main focus was to optimize the procedures we were given in order to best maintain our cultures. I've also spent a lot of time assisting a video production professional who has worked in part with Michigan's Nature Conservancy.

My previous experience stands within a similar setting, a university lab that is part Extension applying what they learn in the local community. In addition, I also worked part-time as a server. Hoping to find a full-time position where I can dedicate my talents and what I’ve learned in the various positions that have required me to adapt my creative insight.

A current project goal is to complete the educational tracks provided in an online interactive platform commonly known as Treehouse Inc. and achieve a certification as a specialist in microbiology from ASCP. One of the most memorable pieces of guidance I received while enrolled in Biotechnology was "to go into scientific research, you must be willing to jump off a cliff every day and try your best to swim when you hit the water," an homage to taking risks, proactively investigating and witnessing the results. I feel this saying is applicable to both art and science, particularly the two disciplines I studied and for very different reasons. One of my long-term goals is to write about science in an open-minded and accessible way.