Skills: Slide preparation, aseptic technique, and enumeration of microorganisms

Expertise: Literature review, experimental design, and data analysis


My current objective is to obtain a position which will make full use of my skills and help me grow professionally. I am a highly motivated individual who is willing to learn and gain experience in microbiological bench work, laboratory science as well as artistic venues. I would be a great fit for any position allowing me to dedicate myself, my talents, and creative abilities and am certain I can contribute to your company’s success.

My most recent work experience is as a microbiologist at a company that is a leading innovator of biotechnology products in Michigan. The aim of this company is to scale-up and de-risk methods involving sustainability and our lab's main focus was to optimize the procedures we were given in order to best maintain our cultures. I've also spent a lot of time assisting a video production professional who has worked in part with Michigan's Nature Conservancy.